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DC 12V Air Pump / Compressor, 25W, 55 L/min (DC8)

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DC 12V Air Compressor, 25W, 55 L/min. 
These are hard-working, low-priced 12V pumps. 

Each pump comes with 12" pigtails and a quick disconnect with 6" of 1/4" I.D. outlet hose and a plastic manifold for aquarium tubing. 
Designed without an air inlet filter. 
Not recommended for saltwater environment. Three-month warranty.

DC 12V Air Compressor, 25W, 55 L/min.

These are hard-working, low-priced 12V pumps.
Each pump comes with 12" pigtails and a quick disconnect with 6" of 1/4" I.D. outlet hose and a plastic manifold for aquarium tubing.
Designed without an air inlet filter.
Not recommended for saltwater environment. Three-month warranty.

ACO003 Model Specifications:

Power: 25W

Output: 55 L/min.

Dimensions: 6.5"L x 3.75"W x 4 5/8" H

Outlet Size: 1/4"

Air Manifold: 6 x 3/16" outlets


The product is used for planting an aquarium plant, aerating for seafood in hotels, restaurants, seafood booth and feeding pool, etc. It is chiefly suitable for long transportation of fish and live aquatic products by land or water and the live aquatic storing in those areas where without electricity or always without electricity supply.


1. Driven by super-quality DC permanent-magent motor, the piston moves reciprocally in the cylinder and produces air flow that is large in output and high in pressure.

2. Non-oil lubricating design to produce more purified compressed air.

3. Made of aluminum alloy, the case is small in volume, quick in heat dissipation and easy to move.


When the electromagnetic coils are energized by DC power, a magnetic force is generated. Under the action of this magnetic force, the piston moves reciprocally up and down by the piston eccentric cam, the rotor of the motor runs quickly so that the volume of cylinder changes. This leads to the automatic opening and shutting of the inlet and outlet valves and thus achieves the work cycle of taking in compressing and discharging.


1. Connect the outlet hose to the distributor and start the unit. For using the aquatic breeding pond, the outlet hose may be connected to pipe distributors for air stone or air curtain. Each unit can supply air to 6-12 pipes.

2. In case the outlet air is reduced or without air outlet, check the connecting parts for leakage, or disconnect the plug, remove the top cover, the valve and the valve base, wash away the dust with water, remount with care after dry.

3. If the unit does not work after connecting to the power source, in most causes is obvious shifting happens between the gap of the motor's piston and housing due to the rough transportation, reassembly of all parts is needed for resuming normal operation.

4. When making the connection, adjust the length of the air outlet on the compressor and the air intake on the aquarium (or pond) to ensure the hose is not kinked or blocked.

5. Regularly inspect all mounting screws and ensure that they are properly tightened. Should any of the screws be loose, relighted them immediately.


1. Ensure that the power source to be utilized conforms to the power requirements specified on the product nameplate. Use a standard DC outlet.

2. Neither carry the machine by the power supply cord, nor place heavy items on top of it.

3. In order to avoid the water flowing back, the machine must be put above the water level.

4. During operation, the sound is interrupted of indicators no longer illuminate, or if and when anything abnormal occurs, immediately unplug the power cord from the outlet and contact with your dealer or an Authorized Service Center.

5. The unit is non-oil lubricating design, please note that don't add any oil lubrication.

6. Wipe the unit with a soft cloth lightly dampened with soapy water. Do not wipe the plastic parts with solvent.

7. Place the unit horizontally on the base, avoid colliding with other things directly.

8. Please keep the machine away from high temperature sunshine damp or dust.

9. Disconnect the power supply plug if the unit will not be used for a long time.

10. Never attempt to repair nor reconstruct this unit. Let qualified technicians check and repair your unit.

Product code: 106
Item No. AE-AC-ACO003

3 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Taylor on Jan 27th 2015

    I use several of these to transport live fish from location to location and they work great! Just plug into the car battery and go.

  • 5
    Great for backup on large tanks

    Posted by John Hurt on Jul 9th 2011

    The DC8 unit easily powers 4 12&quot; airstones in my 960 gallon tank that is 2 feet deep, plus 4 air curtain diffusers I buried under my gravel grow beds for my Aquaponics setup.<br><br>I use this off a 125 amp-hour marine battery, and it gives me around 60 hours of run time. I use a transformer and relay hooked to the 110 power cord to keep the relay open. When the power cuts out, the relay closes and completes the DC circuit. <br><br>This is a great unit, and I could easily transport my fish in a large tank in the back of the truck just by running a line from the car battery.

  • 5
    12V DC air compressor

    Posted by JleeD on Dec 8th 2008

    This air compressor is awesome! We use it to transport live animals (lobsters, shrimp, prawns, etc) caught or purchased all over the island to our laboratories. It provides strong aeration and is an excellent back up to electrical pumps during a power outage. (Updated on 12/8/2008.)