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Aquarium Water Pumps are necessary in every aquarium application. Whether they are used to deliver water from your filter to your aquarium or simply to provide water movement in the tank, they are needed in every aquarium. 

External water pumps are usually installed at the floor level next to the sump. External (in-line) pumps are recommended for larger aquariums 100 gal or more in volume. External water pumps will usually give you higher pressure and flow but may be a little louder comparing to submersible pumps.

Submersible water pumps are usually placed directly in the sump's return compartment. These pumps are easy to install and service. Submersible water pumps are recommended for aquariums up to 180 gal. These pumps tend to be quieter than external pumps but can also transfer more direct heat to aquarium water. For most applications, internal (submersible) water pumps provide a good mix of performance and ease of operation.

Powerheads are mostly used in aquarium application to move large volume of water at low pressure, and wide output, in order to create gentle water currents, replicating water flow of natural ocean waves. Powerheads' small size and low power consumption are hard to beat when you need to move a larger volume of water.

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