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No gimmicks. No reliance upon outdated formulations or pre-existing industry reputations. No lip service. Simple results, are obtained through a commitment to excellence that is reflected in every aspect of how we formulate our products and operate our company. Remember the integrity that was so commonplace in businesses before the world became so commercialized? This is it. This is a company operated by scientists with one goal: to produce the absolute best products to enable aquarists to maintain their aquariums, whether 1- or 1-million gallons, in the most successful fashion. Period. When you are ready to maintain your aquarium water chemistry with a system of products that is scientifically formulated to have the maximum possible benefit to your aquarium, a system trusted by some of the foremost recreational and professional aquarists, and prominent private and governmental research organizations, in over 90 countries, then we will be here to assist you. My continued commitment to the quality of our products and service, and the moral ethics of how we operate our business, are what stands behind every product bearing the Brightwell Aquatics name and make them an attractive option to the aquarist that has grown tired of the hype and confusion that often surround water care products and their manufacturers. If you’re ready for a change, try Brightwell Aquatics. It’s about science. It’s about time.

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