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OPEN BOX - Neptune GRO Refugium Light with Pipe Mount

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OPEN BOX - Neptune GRO Refugium Light with Pipe Mount

* NOTES: Open Box (broken box seal)/ Brand New with full manufacturer's warranty

GRO Refugium Light Get Started Guide

In this Get Started Guide we’ll show how to install and then configure the Neptune Systems GRO Refugium Light. The GRO Refugium Light kit includes the GRO Light with the cable to connect to an EB832 or 1LINK module.    The available mounting kits include the Flat Bracket Mounting Kit and the Pipe Bracket Mounting Kit.  For individuals without an Apex or without an available DC24 port on their EB832 or 1LINK module and optional 24V Power Supply can be purchased.

Some of the most successful reef aquariums employ the use of a macroalgae-filled growth area or refugium for the purpose of nutrient control. The GRO is a specialized, 20W LED light designed to grow many types of common macroalgaes (i.e. Chaetomorpha) using a specialized light spectrum which maximizes photosynthesis. It plugs directly into any available DC24 port in your Apex ecosystem, or alternatively, it can also be run completely standalone.


It’s easy! Growing and harvesting macroalgae in a compartment in your sump, or in a full-blown refugium, is the natural way to reduce unwanted nutrients in your reef aquarium. It also creates a home and reproductive area for beneficial micro-fauna that consume waste and provide a food source for corals and fish. Growing macroalgae opposite your normal light cycle (called reverse daylight photosynthesis or RDP) also helps raise and stabilize your aquarium pH.

Only three things are necessary to get started:

1. A sequestered place in your sump or filtration area that has adequate water flow.
2. A “start” of macroalgae such as chaetomorpha – get it online, from a LFS, or from a reefkeeping buddy.
3. A proper light source, like the GRO.


The GRO uses all its power to emit light in two specific wavelengths that are optimized for macroalgae growth – 455-460nm and 620-670nm. This combined with its rectangular shape (have you ever seen a round refugium?) mean that the right light goes right where you need it – and minimizes nuisance algae growth in other areas of your sump due to light spillage.


Remove the GRO from the box, plug it into one of your available DC24 connections on an Energy Bar 832 or 1LINK module, select GRO from the tasks menu, and in just a couple of minutes a step by step wizard will have it set up and scheduled.


It may seem counterintuitive – and possibly even fly in the face of some “experts” – but with far less power than its competitors, the GRO promotes thick, healthy, and abundant macroalgae growth. The GRO does this by using 84 low-powered LED, selected for optimal macro algae growth, and spreads them evenly across a wide, rectangular area. This enables the GRO to be placed very close to the macroalgae and increase its efficiency while minimizing wasteful light spillage.


Nearly all other refugium lights cast light in a round, conical pattern. This is not optimal since a refugium is rarely round, but more importantly light from a round, single source, creates uneven distribution of light – in other words, hot spots that stunt growth or even burn the macroalgae. The pictures here really tell this story. These photos were taken of a large area of macroalgae in a refugium that was lit for 10 months with the GRO on the right side, and one of the most popular and praised refugium lights on the left – notice how the round light stunted growth in the center and created a burned ring of algae.


The GRO has two available two different mounting options. Both utilize an 12″ long, flexible gooseneck attached to one of two mounting brackets. One mounting option clamps to a flat edge such as the edge of your sump or support on your stand. The other mount cleverly clamps to a section of your hard plumbing that is 1″-1.5″ in outer diameter (3/4″ to 1″ PVC pipe). You get to choose which mount best fits your aquarium or refugium set up – or DIY your own!


The GRO is rated IP64 so that you can place it very close to the water surface for optimal light effectiveness and water splashes or salt spray will not affect it.


Maybe you don’t have a free DC24 port, or even have an Apex at all yet – no worries – with the optionally available 24v power supply, the GRO can be used on any aquarium.

  1. COMPACT - Compact, flat, rectangular LED grow light measures 8.7″ X 6.1″ X 1.4″ making it the perfect fit for the smaller refugium compartments in many modern aquariums — as well as those that wish to grow macroalgae in a separate refugium.
  2. 84 LEDS, OPTIMUM SPECTRUM - 84 LEDs in four colors create an evenly distributed spectrum optimized for macroalgae growth. Two key wavelengths for algae photosynthesis are emphasized — 455-460nm and 620-670nm.
  3. LARGE SURFACE AREA OF ILLUMINATION, LESS SPILLAGE - Large, rectangular form promotes better algae growth, while reducing nuisance algae from light spillage, as intensity is evenly spread across a refugium area that is almost always rectangular. The GRO can effectively cover a refugium area up to 18″x24″
  4. EVEN LIGHT DISTRIBUTION, NO HOTSPOTS - Round, spotlight style refugium lights, often create uneven spread of intensity. This causes hotspots that lead to algae burning or stunted growth. With the GRO, the 84 LED in a rectangular form factor create even light intensity and no hotspots.
  5. LESS NUISANCE ALGAE DUE TO LIGHT SPILLAGE - Nuisance algae on in our sumps and on our equipment is normally one of the downsides of using a refugium. Since most refugia are rectangular, the GRO projects light in a similar manner. Also, with its low-power, distributed LED design, the GRO can be placed very close to the water surface further limiting light spillage and therefore nuisance algae.
  6. IP64, WATER-RESISTANT DESIGN - The GRO is IP64 rated which means splashes and salt spray will not take it down. This means it can safely be placed close to the water surface, maximizing light effectiveness, and reducing wasteful light spillage that often causes nuisance algae in other parts of a system.
  7. CONNECT TO A FREE DC24 PORT - Power the GRO using an available DC24 connection in your Apex ecosystem (on Energy Bar 832 or 1LINK module).
  8. OPERATES STANDALONE AS WELL - If you do not have an available DC24 port, or you wish to use the GRO without an Apex, a power supply is available so it will operate standalone.
  9. TWO MOUNTING OPTIONS - An available gooseneck mount comes in two models:  A traditional clamp style mount to attach it to the edge of your sump. And a unique pipe-clamp mount to attach it to your existing plumbing above or behind your sump.


  • Compact LED grow light with 84 LEDs in four colors, two key spectrum ranges for optimal macroalgae growth
  • Large, flat area of illumination promotes better growth as it creates a much more even spread than single, spotlight-style lights.
  • Distributed LED design means no light hotspots that can burn the macroalgae
  • Less light spillage – IP64 water resistance means it can be placed very close to water — reducing the growth of nuisance algae elsewhere
  • Two focused wavelength bands (455-460nm and 620-670nm) for maximum algae photosynthesis
  • Covers a refugium area up to 18”x24”
  • Plugs directly into DC24 connection on an EnergyBar832 or a 1Link module.
  • Dimensions:  8.7″ x 6.1″ x 1.4″ (light panel itself less than 1″ high)
  • Works with any Apex model, including the Apex Classic family.
  • Operates standalone, without an Apex, with the purchase of an optionally available power supply.
  • Mounts using the optionally available, flexible gooseneck, with one of two clamp styles


  • An available, powered, DC24 port in your Apex Ecosystem OR
  • Optional 24V power supply to run standalone


  • GRO LED Light
  • Flexible gooseneck mount
  • One of two mounting brackets (either flat clamp or pipe clamp)



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