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Neptune Systems - Calibration Kit (ph 7.0, ph 10.0, Salinity 53000uS)

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Neptune Systems - Calibration Kit (ph 7.0, ph 10.0, Salinity 53000uS) 

Neptune Systems single-use pH calibration packets make calibrating your probes simple and fast. Just tear open the top, and a stick your probe into the solution when performing the calibration procedure.


This kit contains One each of PH 7, PH 10, & Salinity 53000uS

PH Calibration

Over the course of a couple months, it is common for pH probes to not read exactly correct and that can be fixed by calibrating your probe. Almost all monitoring devices will allow you to calibrate your pH probe, and a majority of them will let you calibrate your probe to a high and a low point. For saltwater aquariums, it is best to use a calibration solution with a pH of 7.0 for the low point and 10.0 pH for the high.

We recommend calibrating standard pH probes every 3 months or as needed, where double junction pH probes can go up to 6 months before calibration is required. 

Salinity 53000uS

This calibration solution to used to calibrate your Conductivity Probe and PM2 for salinity monitoring.


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