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Red Sea

Red Sea Reef ATO+ System

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Red Sea Reef ATO+ System

The ReefATO+ is designed to maintain a stable salinity and water volume in a reef aquarium by automatically replenishing the water lost due to evaporation. In addition, the ReefATO+ provides two other critical aquarium health indicators: a fully featured on-line digital temperature monitor and a leak detector.

ReefATO+ features:

  • Fail-proof (solid-state) water level sensor with built-in safety shutoff.
  • Quiet, 12 VDC variable flow (6–10w) ATO pump - 1.8” diameter opening, max flow 75 gph, max head 8’.
  • Magnetic sensor mounting bracket for up to ½” glass (not included in upgrade kit).
  • 10-foot silicone tubing with siphon-breaker and splash-free tube holder with securing lock-nuts.
  • REEF-SPEC titanium RO/seawater leak detector with an audible alarm.
  • On-line temperature sensor ±0.1° precision.
  • Detailed top-off and temperature logs.
  • RO reservoir volume monitor.
  • Integration with ReefBeat’s Feed / Maintenance / Emergency Quick Actions.