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Plant Anchor Plus+, 4 Pack

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Plant Anchor Plus+, 4 Pack

Plant Anchors Plus+ ®

  • Each package includes 4 Anchors, "PLUS+" 8 fertilizer tablets and 1 capsule of root stimulating hormone.
  • Pliable: won’t damage plants/they actually flex to & adjust with growth
  • Adjustable: cut to fit
  • Special instant root stimulating booster.
  • Patented “timed release” plant food. Guaranteed release accuracy within 120 days! (fact...not hype!)
  • The tabs will enrich & feed an area 2" beyond the Plant Anchor area.
  • LiveStock / Shrimp / Fish Safe

-Feed the roots, not the algae (like liquid fertilizers do). (ask our tech guys if you have the proper lighting etc.)

Aquarium plants require certain essential nutrients, besides a source of carbon (carbon dioxide), to produce and maintain green foliage and strong roots. Without proper fertilization, aquarium plants gradually turn yellow, drop leaves, and eventually die. The tabs included with this system is a TRUE timed release plant food, formulated to supply plants with Macro and Micro Nutrients at your plants root zone where they belong.

The root stimulator power (included) helps new plants get a vigorous start by helping them develop roots quickly.


Here are some common misconceptions or misguided theories about aquarium plants and nutrients:
-I don't need to add nutrients because I have fish in my tank and they produce adequate nutrients for the plants...WRONG
-I don't need to add nutrients because I am using Eco-complete, Flourite or Laterite as a substrate...WRONG
-I don't need to add nutrients "at the roots" because I am using a liquid fertilizer in the water...WRONG
-Rooted Aquarium plants can absorb all the nutrients they need through their leaves WRONG


The multi billion $ company Polyon invented a special coating that is applied to the small green granules (check photos). This coating is GUARANTEED to release a predetermined amount of ferts for 120 days based on temp of 78 degrees. (+/- 1 week) This is a great product.


  • Common root tabs on the market are 10 for $10 (add every 30 days)
  • The Plant Anchors Plus+ contains 8 timed release tabs. (add 1 per 120 days)
  • Compare price to simple lead weights (10 for $10 !)


  • Insert 2 tabs in each Anchor.
  • Moisten the roots or stems and coat them with root stimulator powder
  • Insert the roots in + cut out slot. For bunches/stem plants space them out so they don't touch.
  • Plant in the aquarium & cover Anchor with Substrate. (for larger/mature plants with more roots, plant deeper. (don't plant deeper than the crown of the plant)(for smaller or plants without roots plant less deep.