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Malaysian Driftwood, Medium 11" - 15"

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Malaysian Driftwood, Medium 11" - 15"

A preferred driftwood for show tanks and garden aquariums. Each piece is completely unique in shape.
Unlike other driftwood, it sinks when placed in water and requires no slate bottom.

5 Reviews

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    Beautiful wood!

    Posted by Brian on Nov 5th 2021

    I ordered the medium (11-16”) and was very pleased with the piece I received. I specifically requested something in the 11-12” range and sure, if you are really hawking the length then what I got was 9-10.5”; however, it was also 5-6” wide across the whole length and had beautiful detail. So overall, I am less concerned about the exact length and more focused on the quality of the wood, which I judge to match the intent of what I ordered. Very happy, will order again the next time I need wood for a project!

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    Posted by Caleb on Jan 12th 2019

    I ordered 3 pieces, all were about 11-12 so i was expecting at least one of them to be bigger. None of them were stick-like and they all had character to them.

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    Posted by Short wood... on May 29th 2018

    11 to 16 in yeah right wood was only 10 inches long. Must not be able to convert metric to inches to well.

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    Natural Additional

    Posted by Jacob on Apr 12th 2017

    This driftwood will add a very natural and nice addition to any tank! Be sure to soak for a couple weeks before putting in tank. I am very pleased with the size and look of the piece I received. My wood sank immediately when hitting water, although some pieces might have to soak for a couple or more weeks before sinking.<br>I have several pieces of this wood I will be adding to my tank and am very excited about the look it provides!<br>

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    Real nice touch

    Posted by Derek on Dec 3rd 2014

    Malaysian drift wood adds a beautiful natural touch to any aquarium. Be aware, they may leach tanins, causing discoloring. Just boil the wood for a couple hours, and you should be all set. They will also drop the pH in your tank.