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Kessil A360XE Tuna Sun

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Kessil A360XE Tuna Sun

The A360XE features an upgraded LED engine that outputs nearly 20% more light than the previous A360X, and packs the LED chips even closer together for a more even spread and even better color mixing. This means that the tanks will be brighter and more beautiful than before. The A360XE is the same power draw and form factor as the previous model, and compatible with all accessories / mounting styles that the A360X uses.

  1. Advanced Lighting Technology: The A360XE integrates state-of-the-art LED advancements, resulting in nearly 20% increase in light output compared to the previous model while maintaining the same power draw. Improved thermal management and denser LED arrays contribute to better color mixing and a more even beam profile. Additionally, flicker-free dimming ensures a comfortable environment for fish and coral.

  2. Superior Illumination: The redesigned optics and Dense Matrix LED array provide broader light delivery, eliminating shading and ensuring consistent coverage. The Tuna Blue spectrum, known for promoting coral growth and enhancing coloration, is further optimized with Kessil Logic for consistent power output across the tunable spectrum. The Kessil shimmer effect replicates natural sunlight, adding to the aesthetic appeal.

  3. Penetration and Color Mixing: Patented Dense Matrix LED technology concentrates multiple LED chips into a single array, offering powerful and penetrating light with wide coverage. Different wavelengths are seamlessly blended within the array for uniform color across the coverage range, enhancing the visual appeal of the aquarium.

  4. Three Control Options: Users have flexibility in controlling the A360XE. On-board control knobs provide manual adjustment of color spectrum and intensity. Alternatively, a WiFi Dongle (sold separately) enables wireless control via Android or iOS devices, offering access to automated daily programming. The Spectral Controller X (also sold separately) provides touch control and a vivid color display for effortless customization without the need for apps or an internet connection.

  5. Recommended Coverage: The A360XE is recommended for various reef setups, with suggested coverage areas for mixed reef and SPS dominant tanks.

  6. Specifications: The A360XE features compact dimensions and operates with a spectrum comprising Tuna Blue, Red, Green, Purple (Violet & Indigo). It comes with a power adapter supporting 100-240V AC input and 19V DC output, with a maximum power consumption of 90W.

  7. Included Accessories: The package includes the A360XE light fixture, power adapter, AC adapter cable, DC extension cable, hanging ring, metal screw hook, and hanging bracket.