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Kalkwasser Powder 400 gr. by AquaMedic

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High purity kalkwasser powder...

High purity kalkwasser powder.
Kalkwasserpowder, when mixed with your top-off water to create a kalkwasser solution, represents one of the oldest methods for supplying calcium to, and buffering the alkalinity of, marine aquariums.
With generations of improved understandings of the biology and chemistry of our hobby, and a long lineage of technological improvements between us and the first use of kalkwasser you might wonder why it is still around.
Certainly it still has a place in the arsenal of so many hobbyists because it is a great source of calcium ions and alkalinity-buffering hydroxide ions.
Kalkwasser has the ability to accelerate the growth of beautiful coralline algae, while precipitating phosphates from the system, and it is exceptionally inexpensive, too.
Until recently kalkwasser was, however, difficult and laborious to implement.
Thanks to the introduction of the Kalkwasserreactor and Kalkwasser Stirrers by Aqua Medic, kalkwasser is now trivial and mess-free to incorporate into your calcium and alkalinity regiment.
For reef systems with demanding populations of clams and stony corals, the use of a Kalkwasser Stirrer in conjunction with a Calciumreactor can deliver remarkable results.

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