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IceCap Kalk Mixing Reactor Small

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IceCap Kalk Mixing Reactor Small

Small - Ideal for Aquariums up to 100gal
Footprint: 5.7" x 5.7" | Body Diameter: 5" | Height: 25" | Holding Capacity: 1gal


  • Adjustable Speed Magnetic Mixer
  • Solid PVC and Acrylic Construction
  • Compact Profile Design
  • Reactor Vessel Detaches from Base for Simple Maintenance
  • Push-fit Tubing Connectors
  • Convenient Easy to Refill Cap
  • Sealed Airtight Environment Preserves Freshness and Potency



The IceCap Kalk Mixer is a dedicated reactor for dosing kalkwasser in a safe and controlled matter to supply equal additions of Calcium and Alkallinity to a Reef Aquarium. Kalkwasser dosing is considered one of the best all around methods to supplement calcium and alkalinity in a balanced solution. Pushing your top off water through a Kalk Reactor will create a super saturated slurry that has a high pH, helping increase your tanks pH while keeping your reefs most important elements (calcium and alkalinity) stable and balanced. There are many different dosing methods for kalkwasser, and by using a reactor, you can go longer in between maintenance while keeping a very stable, and consistent solution.

Simply connect the IceCap Kalk Mixer to any freshwater reservoir with the use of an Auto Top Off unit or dosing pump(sold seperately). The adjustable speed motor effectively mixes your calcium hydroxide (kalkwasser) with the use of a timer or controller(sold seperately). This method is not only ideal but is also the safest way of dosing the freshest possible kalkwasser to your reef system. The IceCap Kalk mixer relies on gravity draining, which is much safer and reliable than common pressurized reactors available that are prone to clogs and leaks.

When adding kalkwasser to any aquarium, it is best to use a pump with a slow flow rate. Due to the high pH of the solution, it is best to add kalkwasser in small amounts, slowly, multiple times a day. Most ATO systems on the market will fit the flow rate needs of the reactor very nicely.  A timer for the motor is required to mix the solution throughout the day.

What do I need to use the Kalk Mixer?

You will need a couple additional accessories with the IceCap Kalk Mixer one of which is a feed pump. In most cases, a peristaltic pump will be the best solution for the benefit that they are very accurate and also have anti-siphon characteristics. The drain barb uses 1/4" flexible RO tubing and will allow the reactor to drain into a high-flow area of your sump. A timer is required to run the mixer several times a day to enure saturation. Last think it the Kalk itself.  


Once every two weeks, the kalkwasser solution in the reactor will need to be replenished, but only rinsed out once a month to make room for new kalkwasser. Since kalkwasser can help purify the freshwater that is fed into the reactor, the precipitate can form at the bottom that will be removed when the reactor is rinsed out. Rinsing the reactor only takes a few minutes and with the push connect fitting and easy access lid.  The addition of kalk powder couldn’t be easier by lifting off the refill cap and topping it off.

No need for pesky Powerheads

No need for pesky powerheads that randomly need to be cleaned or replace and no more risky dosing with large vats of lime water which take up valuable space. You will never have to worry about premixing or clogs again when using our new innovative and efficient Kalk Mixer which is compact and extremely easy to use, making them simply the most economical and best kalk reactor out there.

*The Kalk Mixer motor has a limited lifetime and not safe to mix continuously.  Please don’t run unit continuously.

Product code: 7854
Item No. CR-IC-KM-120