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IceCap 14in Carbon Fiber Aquarium Tweezers

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IceCap 14in Carbon Fiber Aquarium Tweezers

Aquarium Tweezer for Gentle Lifting of Corals and Plants 

These durable and lightweight tweezers made with high-strength carbon fiber, provide the ultimate grip when moving heavy or delicate objects in an aquarium. Their silicon-coated tips make them gentle enough to reposition corals or plants safely. In addition, its neutral buoyancy means that if you lose your grip, the tweezers hover in the water column instead of sinking to the bottom.

Neutral Buoyancy

These tweezers have neutral buoyancy so they will hover in the water column.

High Strength Carbon Fiber

These tweezers are made with high-strength carbon fiber, lightweight but fit for lifting heavy objects in your aquarium.

Gentle Grip Silicone-Coated Tips

The tweezers have silicon-coated tips to avoid hurting delicate corals when you pick them up.


Length: 14 inches

For Fresh and Marine Aquariums

1 Review

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    They seem like they will work

    Posted by Five.five-six on Mar 21st 2024

    I’ve had the same chrome 10” tweezers for 20 years. Thought I’d add these to my cart for the extra reach + the metal ones are startign to get a few rust spots. Soft tips are appealing but there is nowhere near the gripping power of metal. Also, the jaws can be easily tweaked to where they don’t line up when you squeeze. Not bent, they got right back but seem somewhat flimsy. No doubt they will grab a 1” frag and probably much bigger with no problem, just not as substantial as I am accustomed to.