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HYDROS 3/4" Flow Sensor

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HYDROS 3/4" Flow Sensor

Flow Range: 40-800gph
Wire Length: 8ft

Includes schedule 80 PVC Unions

Monitor Passing Water Flow

The HYDROS Flow Sensors are easy-to-install flow meters that communicate to the HYDROS app the flow rate of water passing through it. It is safe for use in freshwater and saltwater aquarium systems. 

The HYDROS Flow Sensors can be used for reactor feed lines and return pumps. Using the HYDROS Flow Sensors can give you peace of mind that your vital aquarium equipment is operating correctly. You can also use the data it collects in the HYDROS app to create rules. For example, if the flow rate were above or below a certain threshold, you can have HYDROS turn off a piece of equipment that is plugged into a Control XP8, Power 4 WiFi power strip, or Smart Plug outlet.

Required for Installation and Use:

  • A HYDROS Control with an available Sense Port
  • Basic plumbing knowledge to install
  • Pipe thread tape and PVC adhesive

The HYDROS Flow Sensors are an Official HYDROS Accessory manufactured by AutoAqua in Taiwan. Creators of the Smart ATO Micro, AutoAqua is one of the most well-known and trusted makers of aquarium automation systems in the hobby today. CoralVue has thoroughly tested the Flow Sensor to ensure seamless compatibility with the HYDROS platform. The product development team at CoralVue engineered the sensor so it connects to any HYDROS Sense Port using its aviation-style GX-12 plug for safe operation. No additional power source is needed to run the sensor.