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Hiblow HP-200 Air Pump

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Hiblow HP-200 Septic Air Pump

The Hiblow HP series is considered one of the best linear air pumps on the market today. Since 2002, this series has led the industry in superior product reliability. The HP-200 is an excellent and long-lasting diaphragm septic air pump that delivers 200L/min, and it is often used on most 1500 GPD aerobic treatment systems. This septic pump is energy efficient and can be used to aerate small ponds as well as septic tanks.

The HP-200 Septic Air Pump Supports Aerobic Septic Systems

The HP-200 is the lifeline for your aerobic system. Your system cannot function properly without an air pump. The purpose of the HP-200 is two-fold. First, it puts oxygen into the water and creates a conducive environment for the formation and survival of aerobic bacteria. These bacteria are important because they clear all the waste in the tank. The aerobic bacteria are larger and more efficient than anaerobic bacteria which are often found in conventional septic systems. Thus, they can process waste at a much faster rate.

Secondly, the HP-200 air pump breaks down large solid particles into tiny particles. This makes it easy for the aerobic bacteria to devour the waste. In case your pump malfunctions or fails to work for a period of 2 weeks, anaerobic bacteria will start developing. This can be a major problem, especially if you don’t have a secondary treatment system. Once your aerobic system turns into anaerobic, the waste will accumulate. That’s why you should maintain your system and ensure it's up and running.

The Size of Your Air Pump Matters

Contrary to common belief, the size of your septic air pump matters. One pump cannot be used in just any system. That’s why there are various pump sizes. The size of your air pump will depend on the volume capacity of your tank, the number of gallons per day (GPD) your system can treat, and the type of air diffusers in your tank.

The HP-200 Septic Air Pump is extremely quiet, efficient, comes with a dust trap filter, has dual insulation, and has few moving parts. This unit also has the best operating life on the market.

Product Specifications

  • 200 LPM
  • 4.3 PSI operating pressure
  • 120VAC
  • 200 Watts
  • 60 HZ