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Great Lakes Aeration System with Cabinet SL7

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Great Lakes Aeration System with Cabinet SL7

***For Deep Lakes***

Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems compressors are factory wired for either 115V or 230V single-phase (add "-230" after part number for 230V). Three-phase models, not wired, are also available. Deep lake systems use our ALA6GLB diffuser manifold(s) intended for lakes deeper than 8'. The compressors can be mounted in an optional vandalproof, lockable cabinet. The cabinet is made of 1/8" thick galvanized steel and powder-coated avocado green to blend into the landscape. Cabinets include built-in cooling fan(s), lock(s) and soundproofing that keeps the noise level below 55 dB (normal conversation) at 10' and virtually inaudible at 50'. Cabinets come mounted on a lightweight equipment pad that is suitable for private installations. The cabinet can be bolted to a concrete base (for public installations). Tubing sold separately due to the variation in lake sizes.

  • Model: SL7
  • Voltage: 115
  • Cabinet: Yes
  • Type: 3 Diffusers

Choose either a 100' (P200S) or 400' (P200-AQ) roll of unweighted tubing on land. If used in the water, the unweighted tubing requires tie wraps (T120R) and three-hole bricks (purchased locally) attached every 5–8' for weight. Self-weighted tubing (WD1) takes much less time to install and eliminates the bricks and tie wraps.

Both types of tubing can be connected using couplings (101A) and clamps (use SSA for P200-AQ tubing and SSB for WD1 tubing). One coupling and two clamps per connection will be needed. Cabinets can be located a long distance from the lake shore (call and ask us for guidance or see the friction loss chart with HeavySet® tubing)

Product code: 8363
Item No. AS-GL-SL7