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Fluval Bio-FX Media 5L

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Fluval Bio-FX Media 5L

BIO-FX is a premium biological media designed for use with canister filters and sumps of all sizes, including Fluval’s flagship FX series. Featuring a deep pore structure with interconnected micro-tunnels, BIO-FX offers a vast surface area where billions of beneficial nitrifying bacteria can thrive.

  • Biological filter media
  • Safe, Inert Ceramic Material
  • Designed for use with sump filtration and canister filters of all sizes
  • Deep pore structure with interconnected micro-tunnels offers vast surface area for billions of beneficial nitrifying bacteria to establish and thrive
  • Linked cavities permit free and even water flow, discourage blockages and prolong contact time for superior and effective biological filtration
  • Allows for the establishment of a high concentration of nitrifying bacteria to reduce ammonia and nitrite quickly and efficiently for a healthier aquarium
  • For best results, rinse monthly using aquarium water and replace partially every 6 months
  • For optimal filtration, place in the last stage of the filtration process
  • Usage: For most aquariums, 1 filter basket layer of BIO-FX is adequate. For higher bio loads, additional BIO-FX can be used
  • Why is it recommended to replace half the biological media every six months? Will I disturb my cycled aquarium by doing so?

    Over time, the pore structure of various biological medias can become clogged with debris and as such cannot be colonized by nitrifying bacteria species. We recommend replacing half of the biological media every six months in order to maximize the surface available to these bacteria. Doing so will have have no effect on a cycled aquarium.

    What’s the difference between Biomax and Bio-FX?

    Bio-FX nodes are larger and contain a greater surface area for beneficial bacteria colonization.