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Fiji Cube 48 Gallon Shallow EXT Rimless Tank Package - White

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Fiji Cube 48 Gallon Shallow EXT Rimless Tank Package - White

The external overflow tank is a popular tank choice in the reef keeping hobby in recent years because of its highly customizable options in its filtration setup and its opportunity in maximizing space for aquascaping. Fiji Cube launches a series of ultra-clear low iron glass aquariums with Fiji Cube’s low-profile external overflow design. The attractiveness and uniqueness of the Fiji Cube external overflow glass aquarium tanks stand out with its slim overflow design and extra thick glass selection, achieving the best-in-class tanks in both design and quality. The simple plug and play design of the overflow box only makes the set up easier and better. All Fiji Cube tanks are built with ultra-clear low iron glass for ultimate fish keeping experience and thicker glass for safety and longevity.

All Fiji Cube EXT aquarium tanks come with the appropriate size of external overflow and the return nozzle kit. The overflow box is made of full cast acrylic and features a low-profile design. For smaller EXT tank packages, the “Herbie” overflow design features efficient and quiet flow, as well as an emergency drain for added safety. Incorporating animal bean style overflow is possible with Fiji Cube’s overflow boxes. For larger EXT tank packages, “Bean Animal” overflow design can be a plumbing option.

The Fiji Cube aquarium full package offers the best aquarium solutions for any fish keeping hobbyists who want the pre-customized filtration system that suits the associated aquarium size. The full package includes the tank, the matching stand (available in Black and White), the sump, the water reservoir, and the plumbing fitting kit. The included sump is the Fiji Cube advanced reef sump which offers the best features in the saltwater reefing industry. All Fiji Cube advanced reef sumps come with interchangeable filter sock holder and floss box, providing extra versatility in mechanical filtration. The sumps also come with a heater holder, probe holder, and dosing holder to prepare the next level of reef keeping. The included polycarbonate lid on the sump is a must-have in today’s sump system to reduce sump noise, salt creep, and evaporation. The aquarium's full package includes a water reservoir, allowing water storage for the water top-off system. Unlike others who offer metric plumbing systems in the aquarium system, Fiji Cube aquarium full package comes with a SCHEDULE 80 plumbing fitting kit (pipes are not included), allowing the plumbing modification much easier.

For hobbyists who like to take the challenge to design the filtration system, Fiji Cube also offers the Tank and Stand packages on its aquariums. The stand is made of multi-layer plywood which provides the ultimate strength needed to support the heavy load of the aquarium and equipment. The stand features leveling feet, the door rebound kit, and the accessories needed to put the stand together.