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DIGI-MAG 801 (Nano) up to 15 gal. by JBJ

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Digi-Mag Digital Thermometer + Magnet Cleaner...

Digi-Mag Digital Thermometer + Magnet Cleaner

JBJ introduces the latest innovation in magnetic algae cleaners! The DIGI-MAG is a 2-in-1 product that combines a digital thermometer with a cleaning tool that utilizes magnets on both ends so you never have to get your hands wet. Our Patent Pending DIGI-MAG is wireless and completely submersible. All models have an accuracy of +/-F with an integrated temperature probe and a large LCD screen. Our ergonomic design offers easy handling with a contemporary look.

Advanced Features:

In the event you lose contact between the magnets, the magnet inside the aquarium will automatically sink to the bottom of the tank in an upright position. The magnet will NEVER fall on its’ side, and you will always be able to easily reattach the magnets together without ever getting your hands wet.

Is completely wireless with an integrated temperature probe. All units come with a replaceable battery.

Is completely waterproof and is safe for fresh or saltwater aquariums.

Digital LCDDisplays a constant temperature read out with an accuracy of +/-1 F

Ergonomic Design
Offers a stylish look and comfortable feel while cleaning.


* Gallon Size: up to 40 Gallons
* Dimensions: 3.98" x 1.56" x 2.56"
* Glass Thickness: 1/8"

Product code: 1169
Item No. MT-JBJ-WD801