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Deluxe EcoPlus Cold Plunge Chiller / Filter Kit

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Deluxe Cold Plunge Chiller / Filter Kit

Our kit includes everything you will need to convert a standard tub to a Cold Plunge tub. 

Kit Includes: 

  • Your Choice of Chiller: EcoPlus 1/4HP/0.5HP/1HP/1.5HP
  • Optional filter:
  • Canister Filter with Micron Cartridge 
  • or Canister Filter with Micron Cartridge, Activated Carbon & Pressure Gauge 
  • Optional 25W UV Sterilizer: Aqua UV Classic 25-watt Sterilizer 2" With Wiper - White (Item No. UV-AQ-A00021)
  • Water Pump:
  • External Water Pump: BlueLine 30 HD-X (w/o filter application)
  • or External/Submersible Controllable DC Pump: Sicce Syncra SDC 6.0 (400-1600 gph)
  • Complete set of plumbing fittings and accessories including strainers, bulkheads, hole-saw, 16 ft of Flexible hose, hose clamps, hose barb adapters, ball valve, thread tape, and vibration pad for the water pump.