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Aquaforest OceanGuard 605 Aquarium, 114 gal. - Dark Grey

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Aquaforest OceanGuard 605 Aquarium, 114 gal. - Dark Grey

The Aquaforest OceanGuard series of aquarium systems is the result of collaboration between the best engineers and marine aquarists in the business. From its crystal-clear OptiWhite glass to its durable waterproof cabinetry and smartly-designed cascading filtration chambers, the OceanGuard offers experience-based solutions to deliver the most optimal reefkeeping experience. 

  • Ultra-silent operation
  • Waterproof, corrosion-resistant design for marine applications
  • Tank, anti-vibrational foam mats, overflow box, plumbing, sump, and cabinet included
  • Timeless, minimalistic design with interchangeable exterior panels for easy color changes
  • Pre-assembled cabinetry constructed from marine yacht technology
  • Guaranteed B31-certified safety with 4-year warranty


The Display Tank

  • Highest transparency OptiWhite low-iron glass
  • Durable rimless design tested by marine aquarists
  • Even glass surface with distortion-free viewing
  • Easy-to-clean and scratch-resistant
  • All-black overflow, bottom, and rear glass
  • Proprietary black silicone joints with guaranteed high water-tightness
  • Professional antivibrational foam leveling mat


The Cabinet

  • Waterproof high-pressure, marine-grade plywood construction
  • Will not swell, absorb water, nor warp over time
  • Corrosion-resistant to salt spray and chemical residue
  • High-resistance joints with premium Japanese stainless steel hinges and A2 stainless steel screws
  • Minimalistic design with interchangeable external cabinet panels for easy color changes
  • Arrives pre-assembled for guaranteed reliability
  • Designed to withstand up to 10x the weight of competitor stands


The Plumbing & Sump

  • Durable PVC with dedicated hydraulics
  • Increased pipe diameters for high system output
  • Smartly designed cascading filtration chambers with filter socks
  • Quick installation-- no glue required
  • Emergency pipe and quality gate valve for precise adjustment
  • Self-leveling with quiet downflow
  • Check valve to prevent water from flowing into the sump
  • Near-silent downflow




  • Aquarium - 47.2"L x 24.6"W x 22.6"H
  • Cabinet - 47.2"L x 23.6"W x 37"H
  • Sump - 31.5"L x 19.1"W x 17.7"H
  • Return Pump Chamber - 14.17"L x 4.61"W
  • Skimmer Chamber - 14.17"L x 9.21"W (12.32"W without baffle)
  • Filter Chamber - 3.94"L x 16.30"W
  • RO Chamber - 9.25"L x 17.09"W



  • Display Tank - 114 US Gallons
  • System - 160 US Gallons



  • Downpipe - 40mm
  • Return Pump - 25mm
  • Safety Drain - 32mm
  • Recommended Water Flow - 793-1057 GPH
  • Recommended Skimmer - AF150 IN / AF200 IN
  • Recommended Media Reactor - AF90 Media Reactor
  • Glass Thickness - 12mm (1/2")